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quinta-feira, janeiro 16, 2014

Bitch[o]coin Launched!!

Bitcho, the giga-investor, has just published the details of his new cryptocurrency: Bitch[o]coin, highly innovative in relationship to the utterly obsolete Bitcoin. Bitch[o]coin is expected to take over the market in 23 weeks.

Technical details:

1) Each Bitch[o]coin is worth R$ 23,00 (23 Brazilian Reais, roughly US$ 10). The original value of a coin (R$ 230, based on profound economic considerations -- see [1]) is too big for small transactions like lubbers, dildos and small gifts for the whores^Wgirlfriends.

2) The difficulty in coin generation shall never increase, thus generating inflation and pleasing respected economists (all Keynesian) like Paul Krugman and Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff.

3) The transaction infra-structure is completely distributed, thanks to the fact that it is based on Twitter. Every time someone mines a new coin or transfers it to another user (e.g. when you pay a whore), just make it public by tweeting with #bitchocoin tag. (Be careful if you are in France and Sweden, however. Use a fake Twitter ID!)

4) The incentive of this revolutionary scheme is to make all whores' Twitter IDs public, so it becomes utterly easy to find a call girl near you, even in countries like France or Sweden. The Bitch[o]coin P2P structure obsoletes at once all dating sites. Just search for #bitchocoin at Twitter to find an outlet for your freshly mined coins!

5) Any participant can obtain the transactions at Twitter at any time, just by searching the tag #bitchocoin and audit double spendings, as well as checking validity of newly minted coins.

6) Being watched by the open-source community, the coin is 123% secure. The community is expected to create "robots" (small automated scripts) to sweep the Twitter and audit the transaction log.

7) Mining is carried by the followiing official script (install [2] if you don't have it in your system):

#!/usr/bin/env python

import random, scrypt

difficulty = 2
seed = int(random.random() * 231010231010232310231023102380001023102310236661023)

def str2hex(s):
return "".join([ ("%02x" % ord(c)) for c in s ])

def check23(s):
for i in xrange(0, difficulty):
if ord(s[i]) != 0x23:
return False
return True

while True:
coin = 'bitchocoin%d' % seed
h = scrypt.hash('novo23', coin)
print coin

if check23(h):
print 'Coin ID: %s' % coin
print 'Announce your new coin with tag #bitchocoin at Twitter. Example:'
print 'Just mined %s, it\'s mine! #bitchocoin' % coin

seed += 1

8) A coin's validity can be checked by the following script:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import random, scrypt, sys

difficulty = 2

def check23(s):
for i in xrange(0, difficulty):
if ord(s[i]) != 0x23:
return False
return True

coin = sys.argv[1]

test = scrypt.hash('novo23', coin)

if not check23(test):
print "False coin!!!111"

print "Coin is legitimate!"

Both sources can be found at

9) In time, other scripts e.g. automated scan & audit of #bitchocoin tweets will be developed, as needed.


[1] R$ 230 is the price of a "reasonable" prostitute in Brazil, including a tip, so she will be more friendly. Unfortunately, if you plan to come here for the World Cup, expect a price more like R$ 23000.